All The Pretty Avon Ladies

Enjoy A Tea Tree Oil Face Steam

I think you’d like it, for morning.

Pre-Order the ‘Ask Baba Yaga’ Book!

If you haven’t already.

How Do I Look?

I know how this looks.

Buy a Longer iPhone Cord

Save yourself.

Growing Older to Lucinda Williams

Listening and re-listening to ‘Happy Woman Blues.’

Marjory Stoneman Douglas and the “Swamp”

Scenes and sketches.

The Myths Of Bodyweight Training

The whole point of weight training is working against (increasing) resistance.

Dog Questions To Which The Answer Is “You Are,” Ranked

Who? Who’s a good boy? Who?

Have You Done A Moon Salutation?

Not me, I haven’t.

Maybe Do Something Nice Tonight

Crazy things are happening and summer is ending.

Diseases My Male Coworkers Diagnosed Me With On The One Day I Didn’t Wear Make Up

It was a dark day, under my eyes.

It’s Hip to Be Pyramid

Everyone I know is involved in a pyramid scheme.

We Used To Follow Lucas Duda

A touching tribute.

A Notice Regarding Current Pants Trends

The original memo you were looking for.

Send Me And Brian On Vacation To Write About…

Two Spoon fans talk about Spoon for roughly one second.

Will We Ever Know What Happened Between Charlize Theron And Tia Mowry At SoulCycle?

(Do we know already?)

Thanks For Inviting Me To Your Pool Party Despite My Horrific Condition!

It’s so rare for me to get out and have a nice time—you know, because of my condition.

Rachel Carson and the Tidepools

Scenes and sketches.

Pop-Tarts Are So Good That It Is Crazy