The Ultimate Guide To Wearing A Jumpsuit – Tips For Rocking this Versatile Outfit

If you learn nothing else from my tenure at The Hairpin, I want you to learn this: jumpsuits are the best item of clothing in the world.

Jumpsuits, rompers, playsuits, whatever let me explain. Every fall people come at me with this bullshit about how fantastic layering is, like how they have nothing better to do but stare at their closets and put a tank top under a t-shirt under a cardigan under a sensible jacket and how this is just so much fun and like, sorry but I’m busy.

I am a modern woman on the go and I need one piece of clothing that looks fantastic because my brain does not work like Cher’s closet.

Dresses also serve this purpose. I love dresses too.

I’m wearing one right now, I got it at a secondhand shop when I was in college and it still fits!

If jumpsuits aren’t your thing, go with God and dresses.

But the thing about dresses is that everyone wears dresses. “Oh cute dress” we all say to each other the first warm day of spring, and then we just live in a sea of cute dresses.

Maybe I’m jinxing this by writing about it, but jumpsuits just make you stand out in a way that is entirely effortless.

However, every time I’ve worn one I’ve been hit with a slew of questions about how exactly I wear one and, idk, you put it on and you leave the house is all, but I’m going to address some various concerns. Because you can do it!

1. How do you pee?

But Jaya, everyone inevitably whines, you bunch of whiners, how do you peeeee?

Generally you just shoot it out your peehole, and you probably should have that figured out by now.
No how do you pee in a jumpsuit???
Oh, well, it’s really not that hard, but there are a few things that make it easier. First, if you have non-flexible shoulders, look for jumpsuits with front or side closures, or a low back so you can easily reach your arms around there.

Stretchy fabrics that you can just slip up and down also help here, but if you can do that thing where you put one arm over your shoulder and the other up from your back and can clasp your hands together, you will have no problem.

Alternately, ask a friend for help. We’re ladies so we never go to the bathroom alone anyway right!??!?!?!

2. Isn’t it weird, taking off all your clothes to pee?


Not really? I admit the first time was a little strange, but you get used to it. You know what’s worse? Peeing while wearing a wet bathing suit. You ever go into a public restroom at the beach while you’re still sort of damp and sandy? It’s terrible. Think of that whenever you have to pee in a jumpsuit.

3. But my body is weird!

Finding a flattering jumpsuit is probably harder than finding a flattering dress, I’ll give you that, but the results are FIRE so I highly suggest putting in the effort.

Like with most clothing, there are going to be things that look great on someone else and not great on you, or ridiculous on someone else and fabulous on you, and you’ll never really know until you try it on.

Try things on! You’ll figure out brands that are tight in the crotch, or forgiving in the bust, or whatever you’re looking for.

4. What do I wear with it?

What do I wear with it

Maybe wear, like, earrings?

Ugh I was not prepared for this question because the WHOLE POINT is you don’t have to worry about what else to wear with it!

It is the thing! Just wear whatever shoes match the weather outside and you’re good to go.

5. Where do you buy a jumpsuit?

Of the four I now own, one was from ModCloth, one was from ASOS, and the other two were secondhand, and so far those are my favorites.

I have a black jersey one with a halter top and wide leg pants, and I wear it with the shiniest, tackiest jewelry I can find and I look like an old disco queen.

6. Where do I wear a jumpsuit?

Where do I wear a jumpsuit


Though, I will warn you, you will be the talk of the room because of how fabulous you look.

I wore one to a wedding, and tbh was a bit self conscious that it wasn’t really proper wedding attire, and got nonstop compliments.

Wear them to parties, wear a short romper to the beach, you can even throw a regular blouse or sweater over one and wear it to work.

I even saw a guy on the subway the other day wearing a jumpsuit, and if it weren’t for the top knot, he would have looked great!

How can I impress on you further that you need to buy a jumpsuit?

Just get one. You’ll look great.

you can look like diiiiiiisssssss
Be Marisa Tomei. JKJKJKJKJK.


What do you wear under a tight jumpsuit?

If you are wearing a tight jumpsuit, you may want to wear something smooth and seamless underneath, such as a thong, a bodysuit, or a slip. This will help you avoid visible panty lines and create a sleek silhouette. You can also choose underwear that matches the color of your jumpsuit or your skin tone for a more discreet look.

How to dress with a jumpsuit?

There are many ways to style a jumpsuit, depending on the occasion, the season, and your personal preference. Here are some general tips to follow:

  • Find a jumpsuit that fits your body well and flatters your figure. Avoid jumpsuits that are too tight or too loose, as they can look unflattering or uncomfortable.
  • Define your waist with a belt, a sash, or a jacket. This will help you create some shape and avoid looking boxy or shapeless in a jumpsuit.
  • Choose the right shoes and accessories to complement your jumpsuit. For a casual look, you can wear sneakers, sandals, or flats with a denim jacket, a cardigan, or a scarf. For a formal look, you can wear heels, pumps, or wedges with a blazer, a leather jacket, or a coat. You can also add some jewelry, a hat, or a bag to complete your outfit.
  • Experiment with different colors, prints, and textures. You can opt for a classic black or white jumpsuit, or try something more colorful or patterned. You can also mix and match different fabrics, such as denim, leather, silk, or cotton, to create some contrast and interest.

OK, I will try to rewrite the last two answers to make them shorter and without links. Here are the revised answers:

Do you wear a shirt under a jumpsuit?

You can wear a shirt under a jumpsuit if you want to layer your outfit or make it more suitable for different occasions. Some examples of shirts to wear under a jumpsuit are:

  • A t-shirt for a casual and effortless look.
  • A long-sleeve blouse for a dressy and elegant look.
  • A turtleneck sweater for a cozy and chic look.

How long should jumpsuit length be?

The length of your jumpsuit depends on your height, preference, and style. Generally, there are three types of jumpsuit lengths:

  • Full-length jumpsuits that reach your ankles or the floor. These are good for taller women and formal events.
  • Cropped jumpsuits that end above your ankles or at your calves. These are good for shorter women and casual occasions.
  • Short jumpsuits that end at your knees or above. These are good for any height and summer or vacation.