Talking With an Actual Tiny-House Future Resident

tiny house

Margaret Chandler, better known as remargaret, and her boyfriend Zach are embarking on a unique adventure in Charleston, South Carolina. They’re not just building any house; they’re constructing a tiny house, a cozy 315-square-foot home, including lofts. This journey is documented on their blog, the Charleston Tiny House, offering a peek into the tiny house … Read more

Dream Interpretation: Dying Fathers and Falling Cars

Dying Fathers and Falling Cars - the meaning behind my dreams

Dreams often serve as windows into the deep recesses of our subconscious mind, revealing inner truths and unresolved emotions. When we dream of our fathers passing away or cars plummeting, these are not just random scenarios but symbolic representations of deeper psychological processes. Carl Jung, a pioneer in dream analysis, likened dreams to X-rays, allowing … Read more

Who’s the Most Important Person in Your Life? Testimonies

Most Important Person in Your Life

While I was considering topics for this month’s discussion, Haley shared a memorable quote from Rachel Syme’s excellent profile of Broad City. It highlighted the deep connection between Abbi and Ilana, transcending mere friendship or business partnership to a rare and profound level of mutual understanding: “Our communication is constant, day and night. I’m in … Read more

The Tragic History of Fallen Teen Magazines: End of an Era

A J-14 Teen Magazine

Last week, Bop, the teenybopper magazine that’s been churning out covers featuring boy band stock photos splashed atop garish fuchsia backdrops since 1983, announced they would cease publication. If you’re all, “Bop still existed?” you can’t be blamed to assume it had folded years ago. Most teen magazines did. Of the dozens that have surfaced since the very first … Read more