The Evolution of Miss Scarlet – A History of Clue’s Most Mysterious Character

Miss Scarlet, a mainstay in the iconic board game Clue, has consistently embodied the role of the femme fatale.

First to roll the dice, her character has been unwaveringly depicted as cunning and alluring.

Lesley Ann Warren’s portrayal in the Clue movie, where she stars as a sharp-witted madam in charge of a sought-after escort service in Washington, D.C., is a standout. Warren’s Miss Scarlet is notably given the candlestick by Mr. Boddy.

In various adaptations of the game, including books and television series, Miss Scarlet’s persona has taken on multiple forms.

She’s been cast as a ruthless spy, a fortune-hunter linked to Mrs. Peacock, an inebriated film star, an ambitious actress, a self-absorbed dilettante, and even a provocative adopted teenager craving attention.

Curiosity led me to seek an explanation for why Miss Scarlet is always the first to make a move in Clue.

A humorous response from a message board suggested it’s because the other characters prefer to keep her in their sights: the women for mistrust, and the men for less honorable reasons.

Miss Scarlet, along with other enduring characters like Colonel Mustard, Mrs. Peacock, and Professor Plum (who traditionally rolls last), has remained true to her core archetype.

Conversely, characters like Mrs. White and Mr. Green have shown more versatility, evolving from roles such as cook, maid, spinster, vicar, playboy, to mobster over time.

Distinctly addressed as “Miss,” Scarlet has always been portrayed as an eligible and sometimes overtly eager character.

Her character has occupied a more restricted age range compared to her counterparts. However, she has seen considerable evolution in other aspects.

Over the years, Miss Scarlet has undergone changes in hair color, ethnicity (including a two-decade portrayal as an Asian character), and expressions of sexuality, adapting to the tone of each new edition of the game.

Here’s a glimpse into her transformation, along with a selection of other character cards for added context.








What time period is Miss Scarlet in?

Miss Scarlet and the Duke is set in 1882 Victorian London, England. This is the same time period when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle set the Sherlock Holmes books.

How old is Miss Scarlet in Miss Scarlet and the Duke?

Miss Scarlet’s exact age is not revealed in the show, but the actress who plays her, Kate Phillips, was born on May 21, 1989. This means she was 31 years old when the first season aired in 2020.

Who is Fitzroy in Miss Scarlet?

Fitzroy is a young detective who works with William “The Duke” Wellington at Scotland Yard. He is played by Evan McCabe. He admires Eliza Scarlet and often hires her to help him with cases.

Who is MS White clue?

MS White is not a character in Miss Scarlet and the Duke, but a reference to Mrs. White, one of the suspects in the board game Clue (or Cluedo in the UK). Mrs. White is usually portrayed as a maid or a housekeeper.

Final Thoughts

Miss Scarlet is a cool character who has stayed true to herself while changing with the times. She has always been mysterious and interesting, and people love her different versions.

Lesley Ann Warren did a great job as Miss Scarlet in the Clue movie, and so did the others who played her. She and the other characters show how Clue can keep up with the changing world.

Miss Scarlet is a mix of smart, sneaky, and sexy, and that’s why she’s awesome. She is always the femme fatale, while the other characters change a lot. She shows how Clue has a lot of stories to tell. Miss Scarlet is a key part of Clue, and she makes it fun and exciting.

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