How Do I Stay Motivated?

It’s a bit like a job: sometimes you like it, sometimes you don’t, but you go either way.

Am I Failing?

Progress, failure, and the natural cycle of deloading.

Can I Lift With A Crooked Body?

Spines, scoliosis, and asymmetry.

Ask A Swole Woman: How Do I Get Back Into Lifting?

And be a better socialist.

Should I Eat More Meat?

Peanut butter isn’t going to cover it.

How Do You Go To A Gym, Though?

VR app forthcoming.

Should I Be This Sore?

Are you doing enough to recover from your workouts?

Should I Get Stronger For Self-Defense?

Always be strengthening.

How Do I Set Goals And Still Like How I Am Now?

Everyone starts somewhere.

What’s Wrong With My Squats?

It’s okay to film your lifts!