McKinsey Interview Questions For ‘Gilmore Girls’

The perfect case study.

Home Workout

A poem.

Lace Underwear That Was Sexy Until All Your Pubes Poked Through It

Between concept and execution, things got hairy.

“It Wasn’t Me”

You may think that you’re a player
But you’re completely lost

A Townsman and a Scribe Write About Evil Witches

Where else could women have gotten such ideas?

The Plots of Hanukkah Romantic Comedies, If They Were Made By Hallmark

It’s a shonde these don’t already exist.

Candles For Freelancers

For when you work from home but need the motivational smells of a high-pressure office environment.

It’s All Pills—A Q&A with Gwyneth Paltrow About Her New Cookbook

Pills, pills, pills!

Sex Tips From Frida Kahlo

Love is surreal.

Alternative (Unsexy) Halloween Costumes

For women who do not want to dress as a sexy cat.