The Model In These Photos

The model in these photos is 5’11 and is wearing a size 4.

Charlize Theron Addresses The Great SoulCycle Feud Of 2014 That We Will Never Forget

“Oh my god,” as Charlize Theron once said to Tia Mowry at SoulCycle (allegedly).

Feminist Fairy Tales

Once upon a dream.

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Behind the woman behind the White House.

If You Don’t Know What To Say, Just Be Like

A few options to choose from.

Why Breaking Up With My Loving Girlfriend Was So Very Traumatic and Difficult for Me

This is hard for me because she was so amazing.

Astrology Is Fake, But Leos Are Famous

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The Coldest Spoon Song

Two Spoon fans talk about Spoon for roughly one second.

When Will It Stop Being So Hot?

It’s too hot.

Mardy Murie’s family in the Far North

Scenes and sketches.

Did I Do Something With My Hair? Yes, I Washed It

Thank you for noticing.

How Do I Care For My Growing Baby Muscles?

Stretching, rolling, and sun saluting.

Men, You Don’t Have To Write “Haha” At The End Of Statements

Brüd, A Luxury Wellness Retreat For Post-Fertile Chickens

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The Edible Women

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How To Rank Women

The Faces People Think Look Good In Photos Are Often Crazy