25 Years of Wayne’s World

Wayne’s World was my Rosetta Stone for American popular culture.

Astrology Is Fake, But Libras Are Having A Tough Time

They have been working forever on that air of calm and occasionally unreadable composure.

Astrology is Fake But We Need Virgos To Help Us

Without them we are lost.

On The Fashion Crimes Of The Ocean’s Eleven Series

A selection of petty offenses.

Astrology Is Fake, But Leos Are Famous

And they can handle the spotlight.

Astrology Is Fake, But Cancers Are In The Eye Of The Storm

Ernest Hemingway, Tom Cruise, Lindsay Lohan—see?

Astrology Is Fake, But Brad Pitt Got Owned By A Gemini

They cannot be defeated.

When You Picture Robin Hood, What Do You See?

A healthy young man or a fox?

Astrology Is Fake But Taurus Hates Change

No good reason either, they just haaaaaate it.

Astrology is Fake But Aries Can’t Stop

They just wouldn’t even know how to.

Next Time You Need A Witty Comeback, Try This

A foolproof way to overcome the problem of staircase wit.

Everyone Wants To Be This Raccoon

G me the FO.

Something In The Air

Cape Town’s life-ruining wind.

Astrology is Fake but Pisceans Love Weed

Ask Rihanna.

Astrology is Fake, But Aquarians Know All The Secrets

Their age is dawning.

What Does 2017 Hold For Wendi Deng?

Some more questions for a real-life wizard.

Astrology is Fake but Capricorns are a Conspiracy

It’s time we all opened our eyes.

Everyone Has That One Song They Hate

Mine is “The Little Drummer Boy.”

Astrology Is Fake But Sagittariuses Are Trying Their Best

And it seems totally fine to them.

People Who Make A Big Deal About How Much They Love Reading

And other deal breakers.