McKinsey Interview Questions For ‘Gilmore Girls’

  • How many milligrams of caffeine does Lorelai consume per day? If we use a basic sampling method, we see that Lorelai is drinking coffee in approximately ⅓ of all scenes. Assuming it takes her an hour to finish 1 cup of coffee, and she’s awake 18 hours/day, this means she’s drinking 6 cups of coffee/day. At a rate of 100 mg/cup (this is possibly too low—she uses enormous cups), she’s consuming 600 milligrams of caffeine each day. I’m considering her caffeine consumption due to soda and chocolate negligible.

  • How many people live in Stars Hollow? At town meetings, we see about 60 people. However, Stars Hollow has its own high school AND elementary school, which means at a minimum probably about 2,000 people live there. We must assume that the people we see at the town meeting (and the characters in the show) are just the most engaged in the town affairs, and it’s actually probably a much bigger town than they let on. Let’s add on an extra 500 for families without children, coming in at around 2,500 people. And still only one eligible bachelor?

  • What is Richard and Emily’s net worth? Emily and Richard usually seem to have unlimited funds, but sometimes (when Richard quits his job without telling Emily), we see them worrying about money. Richard is an executive at a large insurance company, which means, stock included, his total compensation is probably around $10 million/year. Of course, he hasn’t been making that amount his whole career, but let’s just take the last 10 years. Assuming he and his wife only spend $3 million/year, their net worth is at least $70 million

  • How fast are Lorelai and Rory’s metabolisms? Trick question. Their basal metabolic rates are off the charts, can’t be estimated.

  • Is Luke’s diner profitable? We see about 10 patrons in his diner at any given time. Many of them are just drinking coffee and reading the paper, so we should assume they’re staying about 2 hours and only spending $5. Assuming Luke makes a profit on the food of $3/patron/meal, and his diner is open 10 hours/day he’s making $15/hour, so $150/day. This should be enough to cover the maintenance of the space, although estimating that would be a separate problem.

  • What does Rory see in Logan ESPECIALLY in the revival when he’s engaged? Ok, less of a consulting question and more of a just like ‘cmon girl.’

  • Who is Rory’s best boyfriend? Jess.

  • How much hair gel does Jess apply ? The perfect amount. No estimation needed.