Bruce Springspoon

Kelly Conaboy and Brian Feldman are fans of the band Spoon. In this column they talk about Spoon for one second, give or take.

Kelly: Brian if you had to choose one song from Darkness on the Edge of Town for Spoon to cover in a live setting which would it be?

Brian: streets of fire would fit really well i think

Kelly: Yeah that’s what I was going to say

Kelly: That’s the most Spoony

Brian: true, but they should still do it

Kelly: Well I wasn’t saying it was the most Spoony to say they shouldn’t do it

Brian: no i was just emphasizing that point

Brian: wasn’t trying to hand them a softball

Kelly: Ohh okay

Kelly: Other than Streets of Fire I think I would say Badlands

Kelly: It’s kind of like “Tear It Down”

Brian: yeah those are the two

Kelly: Great

Kelly: Thank you brian

Brian: thanks kelly

Thank You