Answerwise, Stassi Is Killing It

I remember on Inauguration Day you praised Melania Trump’s outfit. Now almost a year later, how do you think she and her husband are doing in the White House?
I don’t have any political thoughts. Stylewise, I think Melania is killing it. I think Ivanka, stylewise, is killing it. I mean, they’ve got a good wardrobe. That first outfit was all sky blue. Sky blue is my favorite color, so I was like, “That’s what I would wear.”

Did you vote in the election?
I will not say.

My good friend Allie Jones interviewed my good friend Stassi Schroeder over at The Cut on this, the week of the return of Vanderpump Rules. Did you see the premiere on Monday? It was good, though I do think they could solve the problem of how to have the characters conversationally recap everything that happened during the off-months (“we had a rough few months there, didn’t we?” says Brittany attempting to explain why it will be good for them to go to a party that night) by never not filming and having a new episode on every week ad infinitum. Yes? Anyway, it is an extremely perfect interview, even though it does seem that Stassi is technically a member of the alt-right. What is your political thought about Stassi’s lack of political thoughts? My political thought is that she for sure did not get around to voting but if she had it would have been for Donald Trump and that she loves him and when she sees him she thinks “daddy.” Leave your political thought, as always, in the comments.