What Would Your Spoon Yearbook Quote Be?

Kelly Conaboy and Brian Feldman are fans of the band Spoon. In this column they talk about Spoon for one second, give or take.

Kelly: Brian if you had to choose a Spoon lyric for your high school yearbook quote

Kelly: Which Spoon lyric would you choose?

Brian: You got no fear of the underdog/That’s why you will not survive

Kelly: And my second question is c

Kelly: oh my god

Kelly: My second question was going to be can I guess and I WAS going to guess that

Brian: sure you were

Kelly: I WAS!

Kelly: Okay the end

Brian: no you have to say

Brian: what your quote would be

Kelly: Ugh okay let me think

Kelly: Oh I got it

Kelly: “Life can be so fair, let it go on and on”

Brian: ahahaha

Brian: corny

Brian: thank you kelly

Kelly: Thank you brian

Brian: the end

Brian: i got to say it this time

Thank You