What Would You Do 10,000 Times?

There was a story on NPR this morning about a guy who rode Disney California Adventure’s Radiator Springs Racers ride 10,000 times. Did you hear it? Hello? HELLO? DID YOU HEAR IT? HELLO? You can read about this man’s story here, but I’ll tell you here that it took him five years, five months, and three days to ride the Radiator Springs Racers ride 10,000 times, and that sounds like a long time, but, in my opinion, that is not nearly a long enough time to have ridden the Radiator Springs Racers ride 10,000 times. Maybe 20,000 days, but even that is a little much. Gonna ride a ride every other day? Ehh. Regardless, I am, of course, proud of him. I love him. And also regardless, it raises an “interesting” question: what would you do 10,000 times in five and a half years?


Hm. It has to be out of the ordinary to qualify, and I can’t really think of anything out of the ordinary I’d do 10,000 times in five and a half years. See Spoon? Impossible, unless Spoon were in on it with me. And I’m not sure what either of us would get out of it. Would I see Spoon 10,000 times in five and a half years if I were going to be paid $50 million at the end of it? Of course, but that isn’t the question. Would I give Spoon some of the money? I imagine that would have to be part of the deal, but I’m not sure how much I would have to give them to make it worth their time. Probably more than I would want to. And then I’d have to think about whether it’s worth my time again, and maybe it’s not. What else. What do I like to do. Go to a restaurant? Would I go to Al Di La 10,000 times in five and a half years? I don’t know. Who’s paying? If me, no. It would be pretty tough even if I weren’t paying. I’d essentially have to live at Al Di La. Maybe if I were given the challenge of eating at Al Di La 10,000 in five and a half years I’d complete the challenge by getting a waiter job there and then eating a little bit off of everyone’s plate. Sneaky. What else. Watch You Can Count On Me? Again, I’d have to ask: What’s in it for me? Millions? If millions, sure. If nothing, no. Receive 10,000 compliments? That depends. Do I have to respond to them? If I can receive 10,000 compliments without having to respond to those giving the compliments, well, that is, of course, a challenge I’d love to take on over the next five and a half years.

So. What would you do 10,000 times? Please leave your answer in the “comments” (Alex Balk’s email).


image: Tsahi Levent-Levi