Thanksgiving Spoon Side Dishes (Part Two Of Our Two-Part Spoon Thanksgiving Special, Feat. Taylor Berman)

Kelly Conaboy and Brian Feldman are fans of the band Spoon. In this column they talk about Spoon for one second, give or take. 

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Kelly: hi

Brian: Hi all

Taylor Berman: hey

Taylor: am i on spoon second now

Kelly: yeah you’re live on spoon second

Kelly: Taylor and Brian

Kelly: If you guys were hosting a spoon Thanksgiving what side dishes would you serve?

Kelly: Oh I have one

Kelly: The Agony of Lasweet Potatoes

Brian: I was gonna say A Series Of Sweet Potatoes

Brian: Pie Pie Pie Pie Pie

Kelly: The Ghost of You Chicken Fingers

Brian: what thanksgiving nonsense…

Kelly: OH!

Kelly: Me and the green bean casserole

Taylor: the way we get pie

Kelly: That’s a better pie one

Taylor: and spoonbread

Brian: Gimme Stuffing

Brian: might decorate the table with a Paper Turkey

Kelly: that’s good

Brian: a 30 Gallon Tank of gravy

Taylor: advance casserole

Kelly: hahaha

Brian: Advance Casserole!

Brian: Really good

Brian: Sorry id like to change gimme stuffing to Got Stuffin

Kelly: Thank you

Taylor: Thank you, it was a great honor being on spoon second

Brian: Thank you Taylor

Kelly: Thank you Taylor

Brian: And thank you Kelly

Kelly: Thank you Brian!

Taylor: Thank you spoon

Thank You