Kelly And Brian Saw Spoon Twice This Week: A Review

Kelly Conaboy and Brian Feldman are fans of the band Spoon. In this column they talk about Spoon for one second, give or take. 

Kelly: Brian how great was Spoon at the two Spoon shows we saw this week

Brian: they were so good! i love them

Kelly: I love them so much!

Brian: everyone was doing amazing work

Kelly: they’re all extremely professional in how good they are

Kelly: I love to see jim eno

Brian: a great drummer. rob was also having a blast

Brian: britt was so funny on night 2. he was very “on-camera”

Kelly: Yes for the Pitchfork livestream

Kelly: He has a lot of fun being a rockstar and honestly it’s a joy to see

Kelly: Do you think he’ll just keep becoming more of a rockstar guy until he dies? I do

Brian: i also believe this

Brian: remember when they played metal detektor just for you

Kelly: Yes that was my favorite part. That song is so good they should play it at every show and so should all other bands

Kelly: What was your favorite song they played

Kelly: And what was your least favorite? I assume it was the same as mine: pink up, not to be rude.

Brian: pink up least fav for sure

Brian: no offense!!

Brian: i did love “whisperi’lllistentohearit”

Brian: and “beast and dragon adored” is also v v v v good live

Kelly: It’s SO good

Kelly: They played a lot of gimme fiction

Kelly: Earlier today alex balk told me that is his favorite spoon album and he thinks it has been downhill for spoon from there

Kelly: Incorrect but still a very good album

Brian: yeah really any album is a good fav pick but the idea that they’ve declined? gtfo

Kelly: Insane opinion from a maniac

Kelly: What else was good

Brian: i wish they were playing a third night

Kelly: I know me too

Brian: remember all the tech problems on night one

Kelly: Yes because I had a migraine and during the technical problems they would vamp by making awful noises with their instruments and the strobe lights would go crazy and it was literal hell on earth

Kelly: I was trying to think of how many nights in a row they would have to play before I wouldn’t go

Kelly: I guess like 8

Brian: infinity

Kelly: Huh you win

Brian: i guess i win

Kelly: “Everything hits at once” was also really good

Kelly: And “anything you want”

Brian: yes, and all of the ga^5 songs

Kelly: And all of the other ones

Kelly: What do you wish they played

Brian: more new stuff! tear it down or shotgun or any of the new songs besides pink up no offense

Kelly: I can’t believe they played pink up both nights no offense and not tear it down or first caress EVER

Kelly: Do I have to talk you into it was really good. And hot thoughts

Brian: hot thought continues to bang

Kelly: It’s so good

Kelly: I love when I hear it out in the world like in a bar

Kelly: It always sounds so good

Brian: i hope more people listen to it

Kelly: I think everyone reads this so probably they will

Brian: let’s get hot thoughts to #1 on itunes

Kelly: yeah let’s do it

Brian: none of our readers noticed us at the concert but i think that’s okay

Kelly: I think probably people noticed us but were too intimidated to talk to us in general but especially at a spoon concert

Brian: yes. a bit overwhelming

Kelly: mhm

Kelly: What else do we want to say

Kelly: How the men were arranged on stage looked really good

Kelly: And the lights behind them

Brian: yes and the stage lights were fun

Brian: kinda like closed venetian blinds

Kelly: yeah

Kelly: For pink up even though I did not need to hear it even once let alone twice I DID like how it was pink

Kelly: When britt lie down for “I ain’t the one” on the first night I thought, I wish I were lying down, because my head hurt and I wanted to die. And then on the second night I thought, I can’t see him

Brian: that wasn’t a problem for me because i’m tall

Kelly: It’s really insane that just because I was born smaller than you I have to see less of spoon shows

Brian: that’s the cold harsh reality of the spoon shows. luckily our ears work the same

Kelly: amen

Kelly: I think that can be the end unless you wanted to add anything else

Brian: spoon rocks!

Kelly: lol

Kelly: agree


Brian watching Spoon

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