Candle Review: Carrière Frères, Christmas Tree

It’s the most won-der-ful time [pause] of the year. There’ll be parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting, and caroling out in the snow. There’ll be scary ghost (?) stories and tales of the glories of the Christmases long, long agooo. They’ll be candles for scenting, apartments for renting, and scented candles in the mail. Candles that are lit up, and press contacts hit up, and Rory is going to Yale! Yes, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year and we’re in it, baby: November and December.

Is there a more Christmas-like scent than Christmas tree scent? Hm, let me think. Frankincense and myrrh? No, I don’t think so. Gingerbread? No. Peppermint? No. Would I be willing to receive each of Cire Trudon’s Christmas collection candles for review to expertly test their scents and see if they compete with “Christmas tree”? Of course I would. But until I am given each or even just one of these candles as part of a working relationship with Cire Trudon in which each side benefits, I have to say Christmas tree scent is the most Christmas-like.

The “Christmas tree” scent we’ll be evaluating today comes from Carrière Frères, which is, actually, a brand under the Cire Trudon candlumbrella. Here is how it is described on Carrière Frères website:

Native to North America, the Balsam Fir can reach 20 meters high and has a life span of 70 to 150 years. It has been used for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. Known for its attractive shape and for the robustness of its needles, the Balsam Fir is one of the most popular trees used during Christmas. Its needles’s scent of sweet pin sap.
Wendy Balsam. Remember that, from Buffalo ’66? Wendy Balsam. God, so great. “No. Just her.” Haha. Anyway, I didn’t ask for a goddamn dendrology lesson (study of trees) (I knew it without googling) (just kidding) (I didn’t) (and first I googled “tree lesson university”) but I do understand what Christmas trees smell like and based on that knowledge I can say: this candle sounds good as fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
—But is it good as fuck? Let’s see.


Yes. It’s maybe a bit sweeter and a bit less crisp than my ideal “Christmas tree” candle, but the scent is still fairly singular, which I appreciate. This isn’t a candle that’s going to smell like a mess of Christmas things: cinnamon, clove, Christmas tree, etc., like the shitty Jo Loves “Christmas tree” candle from last year. It’s just “Christmas tree.” I like that about it. Maybe you have a different opinion. I suggest you get your own candle column if you’d like to express it, then—just make sure it’s not better than this one or more popular.

Recently I asked a friend if he liked the smell of this candle and he said, “yeah!,” and then he said, “oh no, was that the wrong answer?,” and then he said, “oh no, am I going to be quoted in a candle review?” I said “no,” but here we are.


It’s a fall and winter candle, however it does feel a bit early to smell it right now. It smells good, like I said, but, like I said, it’s just a bit early. It feels like putting Christmas decorations up. Of course I’d love to see them and I’m counting the seconds until my apartment is once again a Santa wonderland, but I must wait. It’s part of life. This candle is probably best for right after Thanksgiving and then into January, a.k.a., Christmastime.


This candle costs $50.


$50 is not a bad value for this candle, I don’t think. Particularly around the holidays. (Really I think it should cost about $40 but “the holidays” is not the time for nitpicking.) It’s time to treat yourself, and overdo it, and regret it later. Don’t think about it! Just spend spend spend, drink drink drink, etc. Hehe.


The burn time is allegedly 50 hours. As you know, I am suspicious of all burn times and feel that most of them are lies. This candle is fairly petite, so I am a bit more suspicious than usual. But it does burns pretty slowly, so…






Oh, my gosh. It looks so nice. I really love the design of this candle. Green, old-timey, classic, holiday. Not one but two pinecones. It gets an A+ or, in the case of Candle Reviews, the classic “check.”


It’s not that heavy, but it has a nice weight. I’ll give it a check out of good holiday spirit. And I’ll give it a non-check out of honesty.


Hm. Normally I don’t like to recommend candles as expensive as $50 to non-candle friends, and my candle friend, (Leah), already bought a forest-scented candle for the season. So that probably covers it for her. But I suppose if someone came to me looking for a Christmas tree scented candle specifically I would recommend this one, yes. You can go wrong with a lot of them. A lot of them end up smelling like a craft store. But this one is good.


  • 6 checks
  • 1 small lie
  • 1 turkey
  • 1 cautious trust
  • 1 non-check

Pretty good!

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