Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Oh, my gosh. It’s almost Halloween weekend. But what if you haven’t planned anything, like for a costume? Great question. One thing you can do is Google it, here are a few sample results:

Or, since you’re here, you can just keep reading. Why not? Hm? Why not? Here are some last-minute Halloween costumes for you to peruse and consider at your leisure, but also with haste.

Closed Eyes

Oh, my gosh. Wouldn’t it be nice to just close your eyes? It would feel so good right now. For this costume you indulge in this desire and simply close your eyes.

Nap Girl

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na nap girl. Wouldn’t it be so nice to just give into it, give your eyes a little close? At the end of a long day, or the beginning, or the middle? Gosh that would feel good. God. For this costume, you give your eyes a little close. You’re nap girl.

Hidden World

This one is interesting because it’s sort of like everything else is wearing a costume of darkness. Simply close your eyes. Wouldn’t that feel good right now? God. Closing your eyes…

Eye Lid Girl

Lying down, giving your eyes a nice close. Taking a breath. Nothing to see, nothing to do, no effort to extend. Just closing your eyes and having them closed, now wouldn’t that be nice. Man.


Imagine it now, just giving your eyes a good close.

No Eyes


Ms. Bye Bye


image: RomitaGirl67