How To Beat The Heat

Do you ever feel like it’s October 9, 2017 and it’s so hot outside that you can barely sleep at night because you already took out your air conditioner because last weekend it was cold and you thought it would be a good thing to check off of your to-do list, but now you regret it and you even considered putting it back in yesterday but ultimately did not and just put a fan on instead, but the fan isn’t working well enough and the heat is making you so mad and you don’t have any relief from or outlet for the anger because the agitator is around you at all times except for when you’re in the shower? Some say yes.

For those looking to beat the early-autumn heat, The Hairpin has put together an easy, illustrated how-to guide.

“Enjoy!” -Donald Trump

1. Take Out Your Ice Cube Tray From The Freezer

2. Empty One Cube Cubby And Put It On The Ground


3. Jump In There And Make It So You’re Lying Down

4. Get Your Dog To Fill Up Your Cube Cubby With Water

5. Have Him Put You In The Freezer

6. Ask Him To Please NOT Forget To Remove You Next Week

7. Hope He Remembers