Alternative (Unsexy) Halloween Costumes


Image: simpleinsomnia via Flickr

A Ghostly Woman Who Chose Not To Marry—instead she chose to focus on her career

Dr. Sanderson, the female doctor that did all the work of reanimating a corpse that Dr Frankenstein took credit for

A Lethal Panther Who Does Not Conform To Human Ideals of Sexiness

Zombie Doctor

Were-Virginia-Woolf –once a month you rent a room of your own from Airbnb, write a book-length essay and try to resist the temptation to fill your pockets with stones and wander into the river

Virginia Werewolf—a werewolf whose name is Virginia

A Witch Who Performed Much Needed Reproductive Care in Her Community

The Sturdy-Boned Skeleton of a Woman Who Ate Well

Hillary Clinton

Zombie Soccer Player

Polyamorous Bo-Peep Who’s In Control of Her Active and Joyful Sex Life

A Woman Bleeding and Covered in Shards of Glass, Because She Broke The Glass Ceiling

A Black Widow—the spider, or a woman who murdered her husband

A Nun Who Had A Fulfilling Lesbian Relationship

Zombie Valedictorian

A Mermaid Who Ran The ‘A Woman’s Place Is Everywhere, Including in the Sea’ campaign.

A Mummy, But Not Just Defined By Your Role As A Mummy; Before You Were Embalmed You Were An Accountant and Good at Yoga

Alice In Wonderland: The Revenge—she’s a grown-up, and she’s mad at Charles Hodgson

The Invisible Woman—any woman over 35, wearing anything

Countess Dracula—the vampire that got written out of history because men.

Mistress of the Dark—Ms. of the Dark for short