Ah Apparently-Kid! Weary Of Time, Who Countest The Steps Of The Sun

“Apparently Kid” entered our lives in the summer of 2014 and he was so great that it was insane, I’m still screaming. Please take a moment now to re-watch the video and appreciate being alive at a time when you are not only able to watch “Apparently Kid,” but also when you are able to watch at least a few men worry about possibly having to face consequences for their many, many counts of sexual abuse. (Watch now.)

Yes, “Apparently Kid” was scared HALF TO DEATH! and watched the POWERBALL! in the summer of 2014, but did you know that he is still in our lives, peripherally? It’s true(—apparently, ha!). He is on an ABC reality television show called The Toy Box that is hosted by Eric Stonestreet. What? It’s currently in its second season. What? It’s Shark Tank but with toys and all of the “sharks” are children. What?!? I did not know this until essentially just now, but it’s true.

“Apparently Kid” is the only child from the first season who was chosen to return for season two, which sounds right to me. (If I may make a request of the Toy Box producers: Please get this baby from MasterChef Jr. for season three, and also “More Sand” girl. Thank you in advance.) Also, here is something else I learned just now. Are you ready? OK. WNEP, my hometown news station, a small brag, has continued to make “Apparently Kid” content throughout the years, and ran an “Apparently Kid” interview as recently as in July of 2017!

Incredible. So, anyway. That’s all the news from today so far!