Single-Serving Wine Reviews

Image: mariacecita via Flickr

Sometimes we all just need a little single-serving wine to get us through the day. We can all agree that full-sized bottles are too much to commit to, especially if you like to drink alone. The mini-donuts of wine, single-serving wines allow us to control our portions and our destiny. Unfortunately, there are embarrassingly few resources out there to help a consumer determine which single-serving wine is appropriate for them.


  1. Sutter Home 4-Pack: Putting the “4” in “4-pack,” this classic single-serving wine contains 4 187 mL bottles of Sutter Home wine. With hints of “back shelf of the bodega” and “sold to teenagers,” Sutter Home 4-packs are the perfect treat for when you just want one small bottle of wine but will ultimately drink four. Make Sutter Home your new home, but also keep living at your parents’ apartment until you find a job.

  2. Copa Di Vino Wine By The Glass: Copa Di Vino wine comes in sexy hourglass-shaped glasses that remind you that sometimes, even single-serving wine bottles are more bangable than you. Perfect for those nights when you just can’t be bothered to buy dishes for your apartment even though you’ve lived there for 8 months but subsisted entirely on take-out, Copa Di Vino brings a fancy touch to traditional single-serving wine.

  3. Woodbridge Pinot Grigio: The perfect mix of sweet and cheap, Woodbridge Pinot Grigio 187 mL bottles may become your new favorite Pinot Grigio, or at least the best kind you can buy with the quarters at the bottom of your purse. Flavored with soft tones of “your bartender will try to hide that this is what you’re getting if you order white wine at a dive bar,” Woodbridge Pinot Grigio surely deserves a place in your single-serving wine rotation.

  4. White Girl Wine: “White Girl Wine” is the actual name of these cans of wine. To give them the benefit of the doubt, I assumed that perhaps the “White” modified “Wine” instead of “Girl,” but alas, they only sell rose. If you’re anything like me, you are a white girl, so this could be the single-serving wine for you. It comes in two flavors: “pink” and “babe pink.” I prefer the babe pink.

  5. Underwood Pinot Noir: The Underwood Pinot Noir comes in a can that technically contains two glasses of wine but a lot gets stuck to the bottom of the can what with the viscosity and all and anyway I think it’s safe to assume it’s just one serving. With strong scents of “you can drink this on the street because it kinda looks like soda,” Underwood Pinot Noir just might be your new way to conspicuously get sloshed in public in the middle of the day.