It Is Time To Remove Your Fall And Winter Candles From Storage

It is with great pleasure that I must inform you the time has come to remove your fall and winter candles from storage. What luck! The air is crisp. This morning the temperature was below sixty degrees fahrenheit — the temperature at which books burn. Just kidding. The temperature at which candles burn: fall and winter candles. Here we are.

Whether or not it is time to begin burning your fall and winter candles is up to you. This morning I burned a fall and winter incense and it was very pleasant, but it’s going to be 83 degrees fahrenheit, the temperature at which books burn, just kidding, on Monday, so you probably wouldn’t want to burn one of your fall and winter candles then. Use your discretion.

Place your fall and winter candles in an easy-to-access location. Look at them and feel the warm rush of the possibilities that await you in the cold seasons. Laughter, joy, love. There is nothing to be done about the ending of the warmer months and the beginning of the cooler months, so you should look forward to it; take it from me, the person writing this piece. A new beginning. Infinite possibilities. Excitement. Hay rides. Snowfall. Crisp air. Inhale it deep into your lungs and feel the exhilarating thrill of its coolness.

What a beautiful morning: the morning during which you remove your fall and winter candles from storage. Little candles in a stack. Leaves blow in, from outside, and they’re autumn colored. Neighbor hangs a witch decoration outside way too early. Hoodie on. Maple soda that your friend bought that’s OK, you don’t dislike it. It’s maybe not autumn yet — but we’re ready.

image: Nick Amoscato