Fall Cleaning Is Just As Important As Spring Cleaning

I guess you hear about “spring cleaning” so much because when you’re excited about something even a thing like cleaning can put a smile on your face. OK. Well, I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you this but we’ve had many hard conversations in the past and I don’t suspect we’ll stop having them any time soon: fall cleaning is just as important. I’m affecting a pained tone for your sake; for me, I am excited for the cold seasons and I like to clean because looking at a clean space where there was once a dirty space is the only time I ever get to feel like I’ve accomplished anything. But maybe you chose a different career. And maybe you hate the cold seasons, which I understand and with which I will agree in probably about three months. You still have to do fall cleaning. Clean off the wall dust. Move furniture around to clean underneath. Give away the clothes you hate, leaving only the clothes you are more or less fine with. You’re gonna be in your space for a long time now. Watching The Sopranos, etc. Whatever you’re going to do to pass the time. “Learn to knit.” Etc. So, there you go. The end. You have my advice whether or not you were going to do “fall cleaning” anyway, which I suspect you likely were.



image: Bill Selak