What’s Your Powerball Breakfast?

Did you win the Powerball? Can I have some money? No? You didn’t win the Powerball? Well. I’d also like to have some money if you just have more money than I do. How about…let’s me and you both say how much money we have at the same time, and then we see who has to give whom some money. It’ll be real fair. OK. Go. OK. What did you say? Ah. I’m afraid I said a smaller amount, though now that I know you have more I feel my amount is none of your business. I am on Venmo. Anyway, what’s your Powerball breakfast, for the morning after you win the Powerball? I think mine is a cinnamon roll and a cocktail, like either a Clover Club or that one from that place in Red Hook that’s got orange marmalade and gin. We were talking about it in Awl Slack and here’s what people said. Dusty Matthews said, “kale shake and my first meeting with my blood boy.” Hehe. Megan Reynolds said, “i think mine would be 2 breakfast tacos and a beer.” That’s good. Alex Balk said, “cocaine and a plain scone.” Hehe. Those are all good. What’s your Powerball breakfast? Email your answer to Alex Balk.