Toward a Unified Theory of Pinterest Poses

Hairpin Pal and Pinterestologist Caroline Moss has been studying the poses of fashion and lifestyle posts for YEARS and today we asked her to share with us her definitive guide to The Four Poses

(Moss calls this one “Cute ‘n cozy.”)

Turns out she had never finished this three-year-old tweetstorm! So we asked her for Pose Four, which we’re going to share with you here for the first time ever. Moss calls this, Pose Four, the “wait, SHE’S here?”

“It’s sort of like she’s looking out in the distance and she kind of looks mad,” Moss said. “And if she doesn’t look mad she looks like she’s dealing with her feelings.”

And finally, for the Bonus Pose, we have the “Eyes DOWN Louise”:

There you have it folks, go forth and pose accordingly, using the strict guidelines as set forth for Permitted Pinterest Poses for Beanpole Leg-Havers Wearing Cute Outfits.

Images via Pinterest