Snacks For The 2017 Eclipse

A lot of people are talking about the impending eclipse so I’m going to talk about it, too, for (I hope) traffic. OK, here we go.

There’s gonna be an eclipse on Monday, August 21. What will you eat for it? What will your dog eat for it? Are you going to have a party? What cocktail will you make? We will answer all of that here in this post and yes you are going to have a party.

Black-and-White Cookie With No White

A satisfying cookie in terms of many current events. Make a “black-and-white” style cookie with no white. These cookies are good and the white part’s always worse anyway, so this would be a better way to make them just in general. Thank you.


The classic hamburger. You can have a station where people can add things to the hamburger (buns, etc.) but present the hamburger patty plain (shown here with grill marks).


The classic Oreo. Please do not attempt to make an Oreo. Buy your Oreo from the store.


Squid Ink Pankcake

The Times says, “For Extraordinary Flavor, Add a Few Drops of Squid Ink.” Oh, well, look at this. Here’s your chance.


Wow, I can’t believe it took me this long to think of donut.

Burnt Tortilla

“Burnt tortilla, please! Plain!”

Burnt Circular Dog Treat

This one is perfect for your dog or “doggo” as you might say, ugh, or maybe you say “doge,” ugh. Enough of you.

Squid Ink Martini (Shown From Above)

Gin, olive juice,vermouth, squid ink. Up, please (like the eclipse!)!

That Drink Is Real, Actually

Sort of, see. It’s not exactly what I said but you have to admit it’s closer than you thought it would be when you searched for it online.

Hmm What Else

Maybe an eggo with, I don’t know, squid ink peanut butter? Or, hm, what else. A slice of purple potato.

And One More

This one is squid ink queso (shown from above).

Thanks for reading and please have a fun (and safe) party!

Image: Lara, Kelly