Helping Them Develop The Glossier Candle

What should the Glossier candle smell like?

Don’t worry so much about top notes and bases and any technical jargon (unless you’re into it, in which case, flaunt your accord knowledge by all means); I want to talk about vibe. When you fire up this baby, what mood are you looking to set? Where do you want the scent to take you? You can’t afford a Swiss Alps vacation, but maybe a candle is a good compromise for a ski chalet. Or maybe it’s more personal than that (I’m looking at you LB—sometimes you just want a candle to make it seem like you cleaned your apartment).

Glossier needs our help in developing a vibe for their candle. Why are they adding things to our to-do list when all we ever do is give them our money in exchange for things we don’t need? I can’t tell you that. All I can tell you is they need our help to decide on a vibe for their candle. Please take a few moments this morning to think about the vibe you want. Maybe sort of a computer-out-the-window vibe. No nazis. Donald Trump not president. Twitter never invented. You’re in the woods and it’s dewy and there aren’t any bugs. Brian Eno ambient. Incense on a winter morning. You’re snuggled up with your love and it’s snowing and it’s early enough that you don’t already feel behind on your work for the day and the president’s not tweeting. Don’t have to go to the dentist. White supremacy not as much of a thing. World not nightmare every day. You got one of those coffee machines that has a timer. Donald Trump not a guy you know about. Drinking a coffee having a cinnamon roll. Dog walks himself sometimes.

OK, that’s my vibe. What’s your vibe? Scream it in the direction of Glossier HQ.