Have You Done A Moon Salutation?


In a recent Swole Woman, Casey suggested doing a few “sun salutations” every morning to care for your growing muscles. I don’t have growing muscles but I still do a few “sun salutations” every morning because generally when I wake up my body feels like cement and I can’t throw myself into the sea no matter how much I’d like to so I gotta do something. Do you do them? OK, well, let me ask you this, then: Have you ever done a “moon salutation”? I go to yoga classes let’s say uh sometimes and I never heard of one, but they do exist. You’re lucky to have me as a writer online, look at how much you’ve learned already this morning and let’s not even get into how entertaining it’s been. Here is one:

“Moon Salutations are a beautiful, soothing and grounding sequence of yoga postures,” says this YouTube. But let me ask you this: Should it not be a moon valediction? Sun salutation, moon valediction? Just something to think about. Not trying to mess with yoga; I know it’s ancient.

Anyway. This song reminds me viscerally at once of every single era of my life since I was 13, not that I’m ever inclined to write about myself on this blog due to a deficiency in curiosity about anything external especially because I hate it when other people do that and complain about it loudly to anyone who will listen: