“Bad Liar” Never Became A “Song Of The Summer” As Much As It Should Have

As summer comes to an end, we must reflect on all of the ways we didn’t take advantage of it so that we might feel a sorrow that would be productive if only it changed our actions in the future even slightly, which it will not. We never swam in a pool even though it was the only thing we wanted to do the whole time; we didn’t go to the beach enough; we never found a “summer scent”; we got a weird splotchy tan that never evened out like we thought it might; we didn’t hear “Bad Liar” enough in public spaces while we were having summer fun. And why not? That last one is not our fault, really, except for the times when it was (BBQs, etc.).  I feel like this never became as much a song of the summer as it should have. Do you agree, or no? I didn’t hear it on the radio as much as I would have liked to, or coming out of cars outside. One time I heard it on the beach at Coney Island, coming out of one of the places on the boardwalk. That was good. Maybe it’s my fault for not going to Coney Island enough. Another regret. But. Anyway. Remember to listen to it the next time you’re outside with not a lot of clothes on, maybe tonight.