Will We Ever Know What Happened Between Charlize Theron And Tia Mowry At SoulCycle?

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Who killed JonBenét? Who killed Tupac? Who killed Kurt Cobain? Who killed JFK? Who killed Gawker? Was it Max Read? Nick Denton? Hulk Hogan? Peter Thiel? Or the internet? Where is MH370? Did Charlize Theron roll her eyes at Tia Mowry and say “oh my god” at SoulCycle when Tia Mowry was just trying to be nice and say hi, she wasn’t over-the-top, she knows how to approach another celebrity? Hm. The Top Mysteries have in equal parts plagued and intrigued mankind for years, it’s true, but it is also true that there comes a point at which one must accept that these mysteries may not be solved within one’s lifetime.

— Or does there come that point for one?

— ?

— Yes.

Just days after Charlize Theron spoke about her alleged 2014 SoulCyle feud with Tia Mowry on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens L!VE” (where she suggested that she did not roll her eyes and say “oh my god” to Tia Mowry at SoulCycle without denying the events explicitly), Tia Mowry has released a comment about the feud to E! News even though The Hairpin also asked for a comment and did not receive a response even as a courtesy:

“The only thing I have to say about that is I don’t know Charlize,” the TV twin told us. “It was all blown out of proportion. I respect her. I think she’s amazing.”

“I don’t know Charlize.” ←Incredible.

“It was all blown out of proportion.” ←It?

“It was all blown out of proportion.” ←What’s “it”?

“It was all blown out of proportion.” ←Is “it” WHEN CHARLIZE ROLLED HER EYES AT YOU AT SOULCYCLE AND THEN SAID “OH MY GOD”?

“I respect her.” ←I’m sure.

“I think she’s amazing.” ←OK.

Mmhm. Looks like this “mystery” (sarcastic) will have to remain, unfortunately, at least at this point: “unsolved.” (Sarcastic.)