Switch Trump With A Different Guy In A Trump Costume

A smart idea.


I’m not sure why this hasn’t happened yet. It seems like it would be a smart idea to switch Donald Trump (president of the United States of America) with a different guy in a passably realistic Trump costume.

It’s debatable how much better this would be for the average citizen of the United States of America; probably not much, depending on who got to choose his replacement. So it’s maybe not even something worth thinking about for us. (Please keep reading.) But we’d be less likely to die because of a tweet, at least, which would be a plus. The maneuver would be like when Paul McCartney was replaced with a lookalike in 1967; the blueprint already exists. It seems obvious to me but I’ll address some logistical questions you may have.

“Who would make the switch?” It would be easiest and most beneficial for the GOP to do it, but if Democrats decide to be slick they could also do it. They’d have to be really slick, though, and I’m not sure they have it in them. (Prove me wrong…) If the Democrats put a guy in as Trump they’d have to work hard to make it so nobody found out, but if Repubs did it I bet it could be a bipartisan effort.

“What if they replaced him with someone worse?” Maybe the agreement is he has to be “not as bad” or the Democrats would leak the operation to the press — and who knows what would happen then. Do you think Trump supporters would think it was fake news or do you think they’d see it as a threat and believe it? Maybe if Democrats leaked a little bit about it to Fox and implied that the Democrats were behind it. I’m thinking out loud. But if you found out that the president was replaced with a different guy? What would happen then? I don’t know. I imagine it would be pretty easy to tell that it wasn’t the real Trump; you’d phase out the Trump things gradually so it at least looked like you were making an effort, but I feel like it would have to be mostly a thing where everyone just pretended they didn’t notice. So to keep things copacetic maybe the deal is he’d just have to be, like, normal Republican evil.

“What would they do with the real Trump?” Well. It’s rude of you to attempt to make me answer that on record, but beyond that I do think Trump would be into the idea of getting credit for being president without having to do anything. This is why it could possibly work for Democrats, too; I bet he’d be into the idea no matter who proposed it. He’d just go off and do whatever but still get to “be president.” I’m not sure if he’d have to get facial reconstruction surgery or whatever so there weren’t two Trumps. Ehh. I don’t think so. I think it’s fine. He wouldn’t get to tweet as president anymore, which I’m sure he would hate, but maybe there’s a way to make him believe he’s still doing it? You could set up a fake Twitter app for him to use, and record fake segments of “Morning Joe” and “F0x & Friends” and whatever else “reacting” to the “tweets,” so he still thought he was doing them? We can nail down better options once we have a few more people thinking about it.

“What if people notice?” I sort of already addressed this, but certainly there will be a few people who care, and there will always be conspiracy theorists, but I feel like most people would tacitly agree to go along with it.

“Could the fake Donald Trump resign for the real Donald Trump?” I guess that could also happen, yeah. Then you’d have Mike Pence. I’m not saying there are any good options, I’m just saying this is one option that I think most people would be into including Donald Trump.

So that’s the idea.