Does A Dog Know It’s Cute?

Good question.

Neighbors and close followers of my social media accounts may have noticed that I somewhat recently acquired a dog. The acquisition has changed me instantly and irrevocably from someone who wonders, “Why does this person think I want to watch an Instagram story about their dog every day?” to someone who wonders, “Can I put in one more short video of my dog doing nothing into my Instagram story or is eleven already too many?” My apologies. But this post isn’t about me, as none of my posts ever are, as I am firmly opposed to speaking about myself on-line and never do it (don’t check). This is about dogs. Does a dog know it’s cute?

It’s wonderful how, on the internet, you can type any embarrassing question into and find that so many people have already asked that same question publicly, without shame. Humans are so strong. My question was, “does a dog know when it’s being cute?” I asked because while I was reading last night (a small brag) I looked up and my dog was sitting on the couch with his little head on his little paws just looking at me with his big goofy puppy eyes all cute, and I was like, wow, does he know he’s being cute?

The answer is no, which you and I already knew, but that dogs can learn what behavior you react positively to and then they can recreate that behavior whenever they want a little head scratch or a treat or whatever, which you and I also already knew. But I guess it’s worth Googling any question you have, anyway. Why not? It’s free to Google — at least for now.

Have a great week,