An Amazing True Story

And some Monday morning motivation.


Seeing is believing. Mind over matter. C’est la vie. We hear these phrases often, but do we ever really think about their meaning? It’s an interesting question. On Saturday afternoon about two hours into a three-and-a-half hour drive, flipping through the few available radio stations on a treelined highway, I thought to myself, “I wish I could hear ‘Before He Cheats,’” an incredible song by Carrie Underwood about beating up a car very much. I flipped the dial and, oh my god, what’s this?, oh my god…, can you even believe it, immediate satisfaction, coming in crystal clear, the very beginning of: “BEFORE HE CHEATS.” Incredible! The part where the other woman can’t shoot whiskey.


On this Monday morning I’d like you to meditate not only on phrases like “seeing is believing, “mind over matter,” and “c’est la vie,” but also on the power of a wish. Whether it be on an eyelash, on the time 11:11, on a falling star, on god, or to the “gods” of the highway, a wish can be quite powerful, indeed, and you’d better make sure your wish is good every single time you wish it out loud or in your head because one time it’s gonna come true and you could have had anything but instead you got Carrie Underwood “Before He Cheats” on the radio while you were driving which is an incredible song but not exactly your number one “wish,” if you know what I’m saying, and now you wasted it like a fucking goddamn idiot and who knows when you’ll get another chance.