Thirteen Reasons I Just Can’t With The Gucci Fur-Lined Mules

It’s not a summer shoe.

Screenshots: Gucci
  1. It’s June 15th
  2. This is the weather in America today:

3. The only place you could theoretically wear these and not have your feet suffocate is Seattle and the middle of Lake Superior.

4. This is, at best, a house shoe.

5. This fashion trend, as with most, has been perpetuated by Hollywood celebrities in Los Angeles, where the average temperature is “hot car in traffic.”

6. This is a mule, not a loafer. I just don’t know about mules, but I’ll save that for another day. You can call them a slide, I guess. Woof.

7. They cost $995.

8. They are called the Provincetown leather slipper. What about this shoe says P-town to you?

9. They feature a “horsebit buckle.”

10. The trend has been around since at least 2015, so why are we just seeing them now? Trickle-down fashionomics.

11. Are you a horse girl? If so, feel free to buy this shoe.

12. Don’t put fur in your sandals.

13. Probably don’t wear fur.

Thank you.