There Are Surprises Yet

But where to find them? For me, last night I saw an episode of “Sex and the City” I’d never seen before.

The concentrated newness of early life makes it so days pass like years and memories stick like they do in the minds of people whose brains are better than yours; age brings with it fewer and fewer surprises, making it so years pass like days and you don’t recall a single part of your entire walk home or maybe actually that was because you were drunk. There are, in adulthood, (though some are still so young that it is nearly unbelievable), rarely surprises in the day-to-day — except for regarding everything about the current state of America though not really and you should’ve seen all of that coming. You can imagine my surprise, then, when I found out there was —

an episode of “Sex and the City” —

that I had —

Oh, my god. OK — I’ll tell you everything. Last week I was getting wine with two friends and, naturally, the conversation moved to “Sex and the City.” I, and, at the very least, these two friends, Leah and Casey — I don’t know why was trying to hide it before, you may as well know the friends were Leah and Casey — think about “Sex and the City” multiple times per day every day because it is always relevant and also because our brains are rotten. “It’s like the episode where Miranda thought she had the ghost,” one of them said, or something like that — I’m not going to pretend I remember the things people say until I write my memoir. “Yeah, and it’s, like, the ghosts of their exes,” somebody else said, or something. I said, “What is that episode?,” though I’ll confide in you that I did not reveal the extent of my ignorance in that conversation in order to maintain the conversation’s flow.

The episode was a Season 4 episode titled “Ghost Town.” It is an incredible episode. Here is what happens in it:

  • Miranda thinks she has a ghost.
  • Miranda and Carrie eat Oreos and red wine in bed and Miranda gives Carrie the last Oreo even though Miranda had already picked it up (just because Carrie wanted another Oreo) which tells you a lot about Miranda and Carrie and their relationship, as if you needed to be told.
  • Steve opens his own bar.
  • Carrie brings Aidan a plant.
  • Aidan feeds Carrie cake.
  • Charlotte and whats his name, her husband, have sex in front of the husband’s mom by accident and Carrie calls it a sexorcism in the voiceover.

Can you believe I hadn’t seen this episode before?!?!

Like everyone, I was under the impression I had seen every single episode of “Sex and the City” multiple times. But I hadn’t. I hadn’t ever seen this one, the one called “Ghost Town.” Insane.

Imagine that. A new episode of “Sex and the City,” essentially. But from earlier, when it was still on. Incredible.

I really thought I was going to have something more to say when I started writing this post, but now I forget what I thought that was going to be. Hmm. Pretend this has some sort of David Foster Wallace or, you know, Carrie Bradshaw-style hook and you’re like, “Damn, she really brought that around to communicate something small but also large.” Something about how…maybe…there is an episode of “Sex and the City” that you’ve never seen? An episode called life. If only you knew where to look. (HBO Go.)

Thanks for reading, sorry!

— Kelly