O.K., okay.


A few days ago a tour guide told me that OK was coined during World War II to mean “zero killed.” This isn’t true, and it was rude of her to say it to me. What if I hadn’t been a natural skeptic? I could have repeated it to someone. And what if that person didn’t know it was wrong? They could have told someone else. And what if that person did know that it was wrong, and told the other person that he or she was wrong? Then that person (the person I told) would probably think, “Fuck Kelly for telling me this. It’s not even right!” And then I’m the bad guy!!!! Damn. Extremely fucked up.

(Mental Floss has some story about the origin of OK but who knows if they’re even right. Seems to me like no one has any idea. Their explanation is from some book that’s “based in the thorough scholarship of Allen Walker Read, a Columbia professor who for years scoured historical sources for evidence about OK, and published his findings in a series of journal articles in 1963 to 1964.” OK. You can read it if you want.)

Anyway I heard this song recently (while I was watching the movie Bad Moms on a plane) and remembered how good it was. Oh man. I love when it comes on while I’m driving in the car! The chorus! Oh my god. The part when the music drops out and comes back in? Give me a break. I know at least Swole Woman Casey Johnston also likes it, or that she at least used to. The only music that has the ability to change my mood from general unhappiness to happiness is Jonathan Richman and then also WALK THE MOON — “Shut Up and Dance” from two years ago.