Occupations of Jay A Through Jay Y

Alternate career paths

Jay A — Wedding Photographer

Jay B — Pediatric Allergist

Jay C — Professor of Gender Studies, Skidmore College

Jay D — Wal-Mart Greeter

Jay E — Social Media Manager, Auntie Anne’s

Jay F — Kate Middleton Biographer

Jay G — Sotheby’s Auctioneer

Jay H — Stay-At-Home Dad

Jay I — Organic Kale Farmer

Jay K — Owner, The Ha Ha Factory Comedy Club And Deli

Jay L — Antique Car Collector, Beverly Hills, CA

Jay M — Steve Guttenberg’s Accountant

Jay N — Non-Fiction Essayist

Jay O — Junior Senator (D — TN)

Jay P — Soul Cycle Instructor

Jay Q — Political Cartoonist, Time Magazine

Jay R — Tina Fey Impersonator

Jay S — Tour Bus Driver, Rascal Flatts

Jay T — YouTube Celebrity

Jay U — Food Critic, Bon Appétit

Jay V — Assistant Track and Field Coach, Mt. Holyoke

Jay W — Sommelier, The Dancing Turtle

Jay X — Magician*

Jay Y — Rabbi, B’nai Shalom