Jean Clothes, Ranked

A listicle without commentary

Image: Loty2010

27. PajamaJeans

26. Jean skirt with the triangle

25. The jean overalls that I wore to service trip

24. Jean hi-tops

23. Jean headband

22. Jean bucket hat

21. Jean button down, short sleeve

20. Jean dress

19. Jhorts (cutoffs, hemmed)

18. Jean apron

17. Jeans diary cover

16. JNCOs

15. Jean skirt w/o the triangle

14. Jean romper

13. Jeggings

12. Jean vest

11. When the whole outfit is just jeans

10. Jean scrunchie

9. Jean coveralls

8. Jean dad hat

7. The fitted jean overalls that every other girl wore to service trip

6. Jhorts (cutoffs, frayed)

5. Jeans (normal kind)

4. Jeans that fit you and all your friends

3. Jean button down, long sleeve

2. Jhorts (normal kind)

  1. Jean jacket

Jenny Nelson lives and writes and performs in Brooklyn.