Celesbians Bi-Weekly: The Girlfriend Tag

Welcome to a bi-weekly column about the comings and goings of famous (and famous-ish) women who date other women. Should I have called it Ceeping up with the Celesbians? Haha.

What’s going on this week? Amber Heard kissed the cheek of a person I don’t care about (boyfriend Elon Musk — who does NOT get an honorary bolding). Well, she looks nice.


Kristen Stewart flaunted her flat tummy in a tiny cropped top with Stella Maxwell on a gal pal’s stroll in New Orleans. While there they also went on a swamp tour. When I went on a swamp tour in New Orleans the guide fed marshmallows to every animal we saw and it was a little sad. From Stella Maxwell’s Instagram story it seems not much has changed, except that the tour company’s clientele has markedly improved.

Amandla Stenberg shaved their head, revealing yet another perfect skull. Is this some sort of celesbian conspiracy??

YouTuber Cammie Scott is sorry. I watched all 10-plus minutes and I’m still not sure what for. Let me know if you figure it out.

Gigi Gorgeous and girlfriend Nats Getty (of the Gettys) posted the obligatory “Girlfriend Tag” video. Something funny (well, to me) that once happened: Gigi posted a photo for the couples’ one-year anniversary back in March and all the comments were like “?????????” “Huh” “What” because she had posted a video about their breakup in like, December. Time is a construct!


Ruby Rose will play a more substantial role once again in season 5 of Orange is the New Black, which is fine.