Celesbians Bi-Weekly: Ellen’s Selling

And there’s always more Kristen Stewart

Welcome to a bi-weekly column about the comings and goings of famous (and famous-ish) women who date other women. Should I have called it Ceeping up with the Celesbians? Haha.


Not much is new in Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell land, though you wouldn’t know it from this entire article written about her cropped white T-shirt. (Hmmm. On second thought, fair.) Both women remain almost grotesquely attractive, and now I need to order some tube socks.


Ellen Degeneres and Portia DeRossi are selling their home — well, one of their homes—for $45 million. Perhaps you are in the market for a mansion in Montecito? They just weren’t using it, and no, it’s not a sign they’re on the rocks—unless you want to believe the International Business Times (Singapore Edition) or various other dubious sources of intelligence.

Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli are on their honeymoon, and you are here, alone, in front of your computer. Sad!

Ruby Rose does not like bullfighting and would prefer you ride a robot instead. It’s 2017 people!!


Thanks to friend of the column Marisa Carroll, who alerted me to Gap’s new collaboration with Free City, a fashion brand I haven’t thought much about since Shane wore one of their sweatshirts on season two of The L Word. (The brand’s clothing featured semi-regularly on the show — its creator, Nina Garduno, was dating the show’s star Leisha Hailey at the time.)

How many of the 1,440,800+ views on Hayley Kiyoko’s “SLEEPOVER” are you? I’m 12.