Ziggy From “Big Little Lies” Is An American Theater Critic

Oh my god.

Iain Armitage (child actor, the perfect Ziggy from “Big Little Lies,” born of another actor and a theater producer, whose Wikipedia lists him first as an “American theater critic”) is an American theater critic. I know this because I spent the last none-of-your-business amount of time watching his theater reviews on YouTube. They are very frightening and I love them.

Oh…my god. Iain Armitage. Iain Armitage posts his reviews on a YouTube account called IainLovesTheatre, which is correct. Iain does love theater. He especially loves Cats:

The bowties. The talking. The things he says. It’s a lot — and I love it. And it scares me very much. Here is Iain talking to Lin Manuel Miranda for Perez Hilton (sure):

And here he is reviewing School of Rock. Please watch it, I’m begging you:

I’m screaming out of love — and fear. Here he is singing “Origin of Love”:


OK, that’s enough for now. Feel free to explore his theater review YouTube for however many amount of too long you want. I love you, Iain, so much. You’re so great on “Big Little Lies.” Please never murder me!

Your fan,

I really love you,