Would You Rather Be A Sunny Cold Day Or A Cloudy Warm Day?

A March question to make you think.


Here’s a pretty good question to occupy your mind as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer but is sometimes still cold. Would you rather be a sunny cold day or a cloudy warm day? Hmm. Each option has something good to offer, plus a little bit of a negative aspect, too. So it’s a hard question. Maybe you think you already know your answer, and maybe it’s true that you do. Maybe you’re someone who likes the cold weather regardless of whether it’s sunny or cloudy. In that case, no one would blame you for immediately choosing a sunny cold day. Not only does it have the cold aspect you like, but it’s also sunny, and that’s very pleasant. But what about someone who’s not so sure? Well, in that case we can think it through. OK. Something that might not come to mind immediately is that you’d be subjecting everyone around you to whatever option you choose: sunny cold or cloudy warm. You’d be the least affected because you would be the day. Right? Maybe you’re more benevolent and would like the choose whichever option you think would be preferred by the majority of people. That would be nice of you. If that’s what you’re thinking, though, I have to say, not to intrude, but I think it’s going to be near-impossible to figure out what would please the majority. Or, at least, I don’t think the end would justify the means. You could attempt a survey, but, when you think about it, and not to betray the whole idea of the “would you rather,” but, when you think about it, the difference is pretty negligible. Sunny cold, cloudy warm. They’re both pretty good. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad “would you rather,” that just means it’s a difficult one and maybe one that you don’t particularly need to bother your neighbors about. You can handle the decision. Plus, you’re going to be upsetting some people either way. So, whatever. Do what you want. Cloudy and warm — this is maybe preferable if you’re going to be outdoors for an extended period. If you have to walk somewhere…maybe you have to go to the Meatpacking District. That’s a pretty far walk from my train. (The “F” train, have to get off at 14th.) Surprising to me that anything exists in the Meatpacking District. Move it closer, in my opinion. So, maybe you have to walk there, you have to meet someone (“meat”) or you have some obligation, and you’d rather have a warm day. I know we’re getting a little confused — earlier I said you would “be” the day, and a day is not going to be walking to the Meatpacking District for any reason, but it’s just that this question exists on multiple levels. Keep up. If you’re going to be stuck in an office all day but you’re by a window, well, I can’t think of a more ideal day than a sunny cold day. Warm from the sun, bright, a little cool because of the cold window. You can look at the people walking around down on the street. That’s pretty nice. Not that indoors is the only way you can enjoy a sunny cold day. Crisp air and sunlight can be very refreshing, both for the soul and for the body. Warm and cloudy, though, that can lift your spirits after a cold winter. But with warm and cloudy, something to think about is you’re going to be thinking, “Is it gonna rain?” “Is it gonna rain?” “Should I bring my umbrella?” It’s not and you shouldn’t, but you’ll still think it. Cold and sunny, though — when the sun goes down on that kind of day, damn. That’s going to be shitty. Going to be very cold. But when the sun goes down on a warm and cloudy day? Still warmer than cold, and the cloudy problem doesn’t even exist anymore. So it’s hard.

Which is it?