Spoon Couple Seconds With Kelly Conaboy And Brian Feldman: Hot Thoughts!

Kelly Conaboy and Brian Feldman are fans of the band Spoon. In this column they talk about Spoon for one second, give or take.

Kelly: Would you say spoon “did it again” with their new album Hot Thoughts

Brian: absolutely

Brian: was there ever any doubt

Kelly: No! They’ve never not done it again

Kelly: What’s your favorite song on it

Brian: I’m partial to “tear it down” but “whisperi’lllistentohearit” is a very close second

Kelly: I love those. I think my favorite is “Hot Thoughts.”

Kelly: What’s your least favorite

Brian: I think “Us” is the obvious lazy choice for least favorite, but it’s also my least favorite

Brian: but it’s not a bad song by any mens

Brian: *means!!

Kelly: Interesting

Kelly: As a true spoon fan I have no “least favorite”

Kelly: I win

Thank You