Listen To Birds On The First Day Of Spring

Why not? You’ll like it.


What I’m about to present to you is, technically, a movie for cats. It’s a movie of birds chirping, hopping, and eating seeds, and it’s titled “Movie for Cats — Birds Chirping on A Beautiful Day.” You might wonder why a cat would be interested in watching a movie of birds hopping, jumping, and eating seeds, when a cat’s natural “hunter” instinct would possess them with the overwhelming but futile desire to maim the birds onscreen. I’m not sure — that’s for cats to understand. Why do we watch a movie where someone has to cut off their leg to find a key in there, or whatever happens in Saw? I don’t, but why do you? It’s probably like that.

Today is the first day of spring. Last night I set up the “bedtime” function on my phone, and it allowed me to choose an alarm that is birds chirping. This morning, it was pleasant. I love the sound of birds chirping. I’m listening to it right now, naturally, from the birds outside. It sounds like spring. If you’re in an office currently, like some fucking suit, some big businessman up there in his…office, maybe you need the video because you can’t hear the birds outside. A metaphor you can consider privately.

Isn’t that nice, birds chirping. Even as humans we can enjoy this Movie for Cats, and doesn’t that tell you something about life? We’re all the same, humans, cats. All want to eat those birds. Happy spring, I love you!