Have A Drink In The Shower

Who cares.

“Cold wine and warm shower, I just do fit in. Every shower I stumbled into today, that’s just how it’s been.” Ohh yeah. Tom Waits sang that once, pretty much, and I can’t believe how well it works with what I want to talk about today: having a drink in the shower. “And the drinks…are in the showerrrr tonight.”

This is maybe something you’ve done before. It’s sort of a “man” stereotype activity to have a beer in the shower, I think. These products suggest that it is, at least. If you’re a man, this site isn’t for you GET OUT. But if you’re a woman, I assume you’ve done this before, too, and that there are other, pink products out there marketed to you even though you don’t need them; you can just put your drink on the sink or on the ledge. But what I’m trying to suggest with this post, ultimately, is either: do it again, if you’ve done it before, or do it for the first time if you haven’t.

To allow you a glimpse into my life, I had bad days on Monday and Tuesday. Not the worst, and I’m still alive, but I’m very weak emotionally so everything is a little exaggerated. And then on Tuesday at 5 p.m. I had a small glass of rosé in the shower. The rosé was cold and the shower was warm and the window was open and it was sunny and the air was cool. For the duration of the shower and then 30 minutes after the shower I felt pretty good. It was great. You should do what I did: have a drink in the shower.

What are the best drinks to have in the shower? I’ll tell you. The best drinks to have in the shower are white wine and rosé. At the very least, the drink has to be cold. No red wine — we’re not taking a sexy woman’s bath. This is about refreshment and rebirth. A coworker suggested “gin and tonic with a splash of Campari and a lime wedge.” Sure, that’s good. Maybe a little more than I want typically but maybe you need to pick yourself up before going to a party? I’m not trying to guess how you live.

The water from the shower is pleasing. The look of the condensation on your glass is pleasing. The taste of the drink is pleasing. Cold in your mouth, warm on your skin — that’s pleasing. Maybe you have music on, or a podcast — that’s pleasing, too, though I suggest the former more than the latter. Overall it is very pleasant.

Does it have to be an alcoholic drink? No! Sorry, I didn’t mean to get excited. No, it doesn’t. Yesterday, my coworkers and I discussed the possibility of having an iced coffee in the shower. Some of them thought this sounded “bad” and “wrong,” but I think it would probably be pretty good. My coworkers thought iced tea would be better, and I do agree with that. Iced tea would be better. But probably also iced coffee would be pretty good, for the morning.

Can you drink water in the shower? I never thought about that. It seems crazy, but you can try. As David Foster Wallace said, “this is shower.”

I fear that I may seem, with this suggestion, as if I’m stepping into the ongoing conversation surrounding “self-care.” Please believe me that this is not my intention. I am not stepping into the ongoing conversation surrounding “self-care.” This is just it’s own normal thing. You should do because it’s good: have a drink in the shower. Or don’t, because maybe it’s not your thing. I don’t care! Leave me alone. Either way is fine.

Probably you want to ask: Should you have a drink in the shower every time you take a shower? Oh, huh, OK. “Good” question. [EYE ROLL.] The good is in sarcastic quotes and then I said “eye roll” in stage direction brackets because I do believe you know the what the answer is, and that the answer is: yes. Just kidding. Unless you’re talking about a non-alcoholic drink, then I guess do whatever, sorry for the sarcasm and the eye roll, but I do think you should save both alcoholic and non-alcoholic shower drinks for a treat. Save them for when you need them, or just want them more than average. Don’t wear them out.

What else? Don’t break any glass in the shower, that would be very bad.

And that’s it.