Happy International Women’s Day!

The Hairpin is on strike.

Image: Tina Leggio

Women make the world go ‘round. They also run this website. Kelly Conaboy and I will be back to our regular gigs tomorrow, but today we’re standing up for women everywhere, especially the ones who feel like they can’t, or who don’t feel like they have a voice in this very weird time:

There’s an underlying note of guilt and aversion in these arguments — a sense that privilege renders a person politically ineffective. In reality, though, as the Women’s March demonstrated, privileged women are uniquely positioned to use their surfeit of cultural leverage to clear space for the causes of everyone else. And that seems to be the fundamental idea of the Women’s Strike: that it could help to forge solidarity between women with favorable working conditions and women who have no such thing.

The Women’s Strike and the Messy Space of Change

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