Any Ghosts Around? Let’s Check

Ghost news roundup.

I don’t know what to write about today, honestly. It’s rainy. I know I don’t need to admit that and, instead, I could go right into talking about ghosts in the news as if that had been my plan all along, but I like to be honest. I don’t really take myself too seriously and that’s one of the best things about me, as a writer. It’s also one of the best things about me as a person. What do you like about me best as a person? Email me and let me know. Oh and what do you like best about me as a writer?

Yesterday a broom fell down in my kitchen. Did it fall because a ghost pried it loose from the system from which it hangs? I think so. It scared me, sort of, though it had done this before, because of ghosts, so it wasn’t particularly out of nowhere. That’s why I’m thinking about ghosts. Are there ghosts anywhere else? Let’s check.

Terrified mum reveals first footage of home ‘possessed by evil spirits’

Oh my god. Here’s one. A terrified young mum was attacked by a ghost claw. “Tacy says that despite her home being exorcised three times, it is still inhabited by ghosts which can take the forms of a child, man or animal.” Oh my god! First and last one, OK, fine, but middle one? No thank you. The video looks like it shows a beam of light or a speck of dust instead of a ghost but I am sure that it is a ghost, actually. (Also Tacy said, “I’m sick of people telling me the pictures I’ve taken are reflections, light or dust,” so fair enough.) So, there’s one ghost.

Analysis | When a ghost becomes a zombie: The dating phenomenon, in one screenshot

Though I didn’t read it, this one seems to be about possible love interests who have “ghosted” and who then try to hook up again later, pretending they’d never ghosted in the first place. Incredible. “Maybe she got a new phone and the texts didn’t carry over?” Is that what you think they’re thinking? People need to have more shame in general.

Real or fake? Ghost man photobombs Ga. teen’s selfie

“Real or fake? Ghost man photobombs Ga. teen’s selfie.” In my opinion: REAL! Three ghosts.

Rob Lowe And His Kids To Look For Ghosts, Aliens In New Reality Series

“According to USA Today, actor Rob Lowe and his two sons, Matthew Edward (23 years old) and John Owen (21), will star in a new A&E unscripted series called The Lowe Files, in which the trio will travel the U.S. in search of the paranormal.” Damn how old is Rob Lowe??????????

Do you believe in ghosts? Here are the best places in NH to try and spot one | NH1

I don’t think I’ve ever been to the Granite State, and I’m not sure I’ll ever go there, but it’s impossible to say where life will take you, so if I do go there I’ll remember to go to these places: Alton Town Hall, Alton, because a security guard heard ghost noises; University of New Hampshire, Durham, because students see a ghost woman; Mt. Washington Hotel, Bretton Woods, because a ghost was seen in a window in a photograph; Chase Home, Portsmouth, because a little girl killed herself and now she turns lights on and off; Pine Hill Cemetery, Hollis, because visitors report being attacked by a ghost!; Isles of Shoals, Portsmouth, because a ghost runs up and down stairs; The Mills, Dover, ghosts turn machinery on and off; New Hampshire State Hospital, Concord, because ghosts scream there and it sounds like it would have made for a good episode of Fear; and finally Country Tavern, Nashua, because if men are good at one thing it is creating an angry woman ghost.

Brazil’s President Moved Out of His Official Residence Because of Possible Ghosts

Good enough excuse for leaving anywhere, in my opinion. “Let’s go home and watch ‘Big Little Lies,’ this party feels like ghosts.” “Let’s go home and watch ‘Big Little Lies,’ this bar is haunted.” “Let’s go home and watch ‘Big Little Lies,’ it’s past 11 p.m. and this concert should have already ended and I think the band is haunted by ghosts.” “Let’s go home and watch ‘Big Little Lies’ and let’s get a taxi, it seems like there might be ghosts in the subway.” “Let’s go home and watch ‘Big Little Lies,’ I want to see what kind of sex is in the new ep.”

Physicists Are Continuing Their Search for a Mysterious Form of ‘Ghost Particle’


Ghosts of past diseases shape species evolution


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