Would You Rather Be A Valentine Or Snow?

A February question to intrigue you.


Here’s a pretty nice February question to get your heart beating while you’re trying to keep warm on a cold winter’s day. Would you rather be a valentine or snow? There’s a lot to think about. Most people would probably say “valentine” immediately, because when you think about receiving a valentine on Valentine’s Day — that’s a nice feeling. That’s definitely a plus for valentine. But then what, the valentine (you) is thrown away? Snow is temporary, too, but nobody really makes the decision to throw it away, it just melts. Except I guess with shoveling. If you were snow, you’d have to get shoveled. But maybe you would like that. Get a ride on a shovel and then get piled on top of more snow? Maybe you would get piled on top of your snow crush. I don’t want to do a lot of speculating, but I think it’s fair to say that romance isn’t just for the valentine. The feeling that snow gives you (happiness) is temporary — snow stops falling, turns grey, becomes only an inconvenience. But I don’t think I need to tell you that the emotion a valentine expresses is typically also temporary. And the inconvenience there? Yikes. The fallout from the snow is probably more on your mind while you’re enjoying the snow than the fallout from the valentine is while you’re enjoying the valentine, which can swing your decision one way or the other, depending on how you feel. Snow can be dangerous. One time I got in a car accident because of snow, not to make this about me. Nobody ever got into a car accident because of too many valentines, as far as I know, but I haven’t researched it. Snow is very pretty and it’s for everyone to enjoy. A valentine — sure it’s nice if you get a valentine, but what if you don’t? Exclusionary. Valentines can be for friends, too, though, they don’t just have to be romantic. Then again, so can snow. Snow tubing, etc., versus watching snow fall with a romantic partner. A snowball fight, building a snowman with your little cousin. But if you’re snow in Chicago and someone has to fly to Chicago? Or out of Chicago? You’re an inconvenience. But if you’re a valentine and the person you’re being given to doesn’t have romantic feelings for the person giving you? Emotionally, that could be even more of an inconvenience. Or less, if you’re callous. In grade school everybody had to get a valentine. Not very special. In grade school if it snowed — what did you get, then? A snow day. Extremely special. Just a two-hour delay? Not as special and maybe more of a letdown than what it was worth, ultimately. In my grade school school you could buy a special heart-shaped lollipop valentine from the school to be delivered to the person of your choosing on Valentine’s Day and you didn’t have to say who it was from, so sometimes people would send them to their crush. “Oh my gosh. Did my crush send me this?” No, mostly it was just from your friend. And, uh oh, you didn’t think to send her one in return. Now you’re rude.

So, which would you be? Valentine or snow?