Why You Should Take A Nap, Ranked

A listicle without commentary.


50. It would feel so good.

49. Don’t you think it would?

48. So maybe you should — take a nap. (End of the poem part.)

47. When you wake up you can have a glass of water and splash some more water on your face and won’t that feel nice.

46. You just have to do it.

45. Think of all the favors you’ve done for people who you don’t even like.

44. It’s tax time.

43. You are just one person and your shoulders can only bear so much weight.

42. You don’t have to be a hero.

41. It’s good for your brain I bet, to nap.

40. Just take a nap.

39. You have the rest of your life to be awake every day (fingers crossed).

38. Maybe you can take a shower first. Shower and then nap? That sounds good.

37. Dogs nap all the time.

36. A nap is kind of like a fast-forward.

35. Yesterday it snowed.

34. It is nice to sleep when it is sunny out.

33. Staying awake won’t do you any good.

32. Lot of bad stuff happening.

31. Pillows and bed just sitting there.

30. Or couch, too.

29. Or even just floor. Put a yoga mat down.

28. You got up early, if you got up at any time at all.

27. You were up late, if you were up until any time at all.

26. You really want to.

25. If you miss a text while napping you do not have to admit to napping or even give any excuse at all.

24. Though, you should feel free to tell people you have napped without shame.

23. I want you to be happy.

22. I love you.

21. You don’t have to take your contacts out even though you should.

20. You can think about something nice quickly, before you fall asleep.

19. Either you haven’t even made your bed yet so you’re not messing anything up or

18. You have made your bed and it feels good to get in it.

17. You are so tired.

16. A nap is free and everything else is very expensive.

15. Everything is so hard.

14. It might make you feel more refreshed for later.

13. It will just take a little while.

12. It takes a lot of effort to be awake all day and sometimes you don’t have that much to give.

11. It’s cold outside.

10. You might have a good dream.

9. Good for your body.

8. It will help you feel better.

7. You should relax.

6. Bedtime is far away.

5. Feels good to close your eyes.

4. You are tired.

3. It would feel nice.

2. It has been a long week.

1. You deserve it.