This Dog Instagram Is Good

It’s called petstylistt and it’s by a pet stylistt.

Does anything cheer you up? I’m not really asking, but feel free to think about it. People will say things like, “This photo of a dog will brighten your day.” “This movie always makes me feel better.” What? How does that work, I don’t know. Everything is the same after the movie, yes? Not trying to ruin your mood — I’m just curious. Anyway do you know this Instagram called petstylistt?

It won’t cheer you up, unless you’re cheered by great videos of possibly sedated (?) fancy dogs getting little haircuts, but it is very good, and maybe you are able to have your spirits lifted by things you see, and I hope you are. In that case, this ought to do it.

Oh my god, it’s so good. How do they stand so still? Are they OK? Let’s not think about it too much. Maybe you already know about this Instagram account — it’s not new, the Telegraph wrote about it in 2016 and Buzzfeed wrote about it in 2015. But it’s somewhat new to me. It either won or was nominated for whatever this is.

A lot of them sort of look like the same dog, which is a mystery, but not one I particularly care too much about solving. Does this dog just get a lot of haircuts? I don’t know.

Look at how this one’s ear moves at the beginning.

I’m crying!

This one is funny:

This is a good one to send to someone and be like, “here’s you.” I sent it to Alex Balk so I guess a funnier joke would be if you sent it to Alex Balk, too, and said, “here’s you.”

Oh my god, look at these guys:

I like this one because he or she seems the right amount of scared and unhappy:

It’s not just little boys. Here’s a big boy:

This one is REALLY good:

And finally, this one sort of makes me worried that I’ll have to secretly delete this post after it’s revealed that the dogs are sedated in an inhumane way:

“Oh, I never liked that Instagram account.” That’s what I’ll say then. Until then I love it so much!

PS: Also from what I can tell the guy is hot.